For the Explorers


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Isn’t this the most important holiday you will ever plan? It better be great!

We at Go Caribou have helped create the most romantic and unique honeymoon experiences for our clients. Privacy, peace, relaxation and indulgence in the clear turquoise waters, gorgeous beaches and private islands at Maldives and Seychelles are the usual sought after options. Other options include blending solitude with the excitement of adventure, discovery and exploration offered by the undulating landscapes of New Zealand, the wild life safaris in the South African savannah or the rich cultural history of Greece. Explore the unexplored by visiting exotic locations in God’s own country (such as Wayanad or Bekal in Kerala) or select from a range of boutique properties in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Sikkim and Himachal Pradesh.

Alternately, you could choose from a range of unconventional destinations to make this trip as special as the beginning to a new journey of life.


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Whether you are looking for a romantic break from the fast-paced city life or long-weekend getaway destinations, we have the perfect holiday plan for the two of you! Choose from the multitude of holiday options we provide such as exploring the ski resorts in Switzerland, exploring the wild-life of Indian nature reserves at Gir, Kanha or Bandhavgarh, indulging in the night life of Cape Town (South Africa) or experiencing the rich cultural heritage of Sri Lanka. All you need to do is take some time tout to tell us your requirements and we will plan and customise the well-deserved break for you.


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Want a break with your family and do not have the time to plan one? We can do that for you!

Family breaks require meticulous planning. One has to take into consideration the needs and wants of two, sometimes three different generations. It needs to cater to various mind sets together like the inquisitiveness of a 9 year old child and the need for a relaxing break or a wellness sessions after the busy schedules for a young couple. Trying to cater to all of these in a single trip can make the entire planning process tedious. Our experience can help you plan the trip in an easier manner and to the satisfaction of all.

Spend time with your loved ones at our selection of hand-picked resorts or choose from a host of fun-filled adventure theme parks in Gold Coast, Paris or Dubai or soak in the history of Egypt or Rome.  We provide you and your family with the perfect mix of quality time, fun, rest and recreation you are looking for.


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Haven’t had a break with friends since a long time!

Do you miss the good old days when you partied with friends all night, got caught for doing all the wrong things, sneaked out for random trips.

Refresh your memories at our trips! Let us know the moments you wish to relive and we can plan them for you. Be it a road trip to Leh, a trekking expedition to the base camp of the Himalayas, go sky diving from 14000 ft above sea level in the beautiful town of Queenstown or just enjoy the night life in Bangkok and chill on the beaches of Phuket.

Adventure seekers and nature lovers

In pitch- black darkness, you lay under a blanket of stars, you wake up to the cacophony of bird song, you walk up to the flowing river to wet your feet, you enjoy the morning tea facing the forests. After having enjoyed all of it, we present to you with a host of options. These range from Road trips to Wildlife safaris to Sky diving to nature based treks.

These are purely meant for the travelers who crave for something more than lofty palaces and luxury trains.


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We design special trips for schools which are completely different from the regular trips. The itineraries are designed in such a way, that we try and ensure that the student gets to visit or experience some part of what they are learning or have learnt. We cover various aspects druing travel like culture, architecture, history, geography, wild life study of flora and fauna, business and economics and a lot more. They get to experience what they learn in their books.

Be it the Neolithic dolmens of Kerala, archaeological sites of Harrapan civilisation, the Mughal history that spans across India, or the Summer capital of the British, we take the students there to witness these places. Other than these, we also have other value adding activities like workshops on creativity, personality, team building activities, etc.


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Be it a Meeting, an Incentive trip, Conference, Offsite or just a simple Business trip, we offer a menu of services that are based on your needs and requirements.

Business travellers, we understand the nitty gritties of your travel like the location of the hotel you would stay in (taking into consideration accessibility and your meeting location), requirement of a business centre in the hotel or a atleast the existence of Wi-fi facility and various other small aspects like flexible check out times, etc. We also provide you with hassle free ticket booking facility based on your dynamic meeting timings. We try our best to fulfil your needs to match your business requirements.

For MICE, we take into consideration our client needs and identify and recommend solutions and services from our menu of services that will ensure a successful meeting experience.

We support you in various ways including site selection, hotel and room management, transportation, facility co-ordination, food and beverage, program development and any other arrangements you may need.