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In today's fast paced world the definition of luxury is undergoing a massive change. With the increase in stress levels a decent hotel with a quick room service doesn't classify as luxury anymore. We at Go Caribou want to craft a vacation for you that spells indulgence in a way like never before! Imagine waking up in the lap of luxury amidst the mountains or in a cozy resort by the beach! A holiday without an agenda and without a list of to do things! Sometimes the most sought after places to holiday are not the destinations but the hotels or resorts in the destinations. It could be at a spa resort, a destination resort or simply a place with all the amenities offered to pamper you and make your stay plush and pleasant!


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Nothing can beat a holiday when you have the right levels of adrenaline pumping through your veins! Be it bungee jumping, flying off a cliff, diving into the open skies, exploring the deepest of seas or maybe even doing something as ordinary as driving the quad-bike on a desert!  We design holidays around your activities of interest and ensure that it makes the adrenaline junkie in you high on life!

History & Culture

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Do stories of our ancestors, our princes, kings and of their dynasties fascinate you? If you are a history buff then look no further.  We organize vacations that suit your areas of interest spot on.  Now explore the forts, palaces, places of worship that were built aeons ago and meet people belonging to different cultures all on your next vacation!

Unexplored Locations

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Want to be a true adventurer? Explore the unexplored. Embrace the unknown and satiate your wanderlust in the truest sense. There are vast expanses of lands waiting to be walked upon,  seas waiting to lash their waves and forests waiting to be explored. Virgin beaches and unbeknownst towns that are absolutely non-commercial can now be added to the itinerary  of your next trip!


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Be it La Tomatina in Spain or The Light Festival of Jerusalem - you can now explore your favourite countries at the right times of the year and thus make your experience more enriching. Witnessing these festivals in their true glory not only exposes you to the people and their culture but it broadens your worldview. With our insightful research we at Go Caribou can offer you these experiences on a platter!