A Hidden gem in Malaysia: A Luxurious Hotspring retreat

Malaysia’s first luxury natural hot springs wellness retreat that offers bespoke holistic experiences specially designed for recouping peace and relaxation, restoring overall wellbeing and rekindling romance.

Overview of the Retreat:  Banjara Hotspring Retreat

Overview of the Retreat: Banjara Hotspring Retreat

On your vacation to Malaysia, the Banjara Hotspring Retreat is a must visit. Located just 3 hours away from Kuala Lumpur, this resort makes it easy for you to just take a short break as well.

A boutique stay designed for people who wish to completely unwind. 

Lobby area:  Banjara Hotspring Retreat

Lobby area: Banjara Hotspring Retreat


What kind of rooms does they have?

The resort offers 02 types of rooms- the Water Villa and the Garden Villa. Both villas are very spacious with the best amenities possible.

The Water Villa 1667 sq ft large is overlooking a water canal. This is a good choice if you like to be surrounded by water. The Garden Villa is bigger with 2808 Sq. Ft. of space with a backdrop of natural caves and the pristine jungle.

Garden Villa at the Banjara Hotspring Retreat

Garden Villa at the Banjara Hotspring Retreat

Water Villas  at the Banjara Hotspring Retreat

Water Villas at the Banjara Hotspring Retreat

Each of the villas are equipped with a Private Pool and an Outdoor Bath. In addition to this is the villa’s most prized feature - the outdoor sunken Jacuzzi with a direct hook-up to the geothermal hot springs. Where else would you find something like that?

Another unique feature of the rooms is that one does not have to be afraid about losing their rooms keys. The keys are in the form of a waterproof bracelet with a chip which cannot fall out from your hand. 


Moving on from the Villas…  What is so unique about this place?

This is one of the resorts where the wellness options are absolutely natural. No artificial saunas or rooms built for meditation & yoga. Naturally formed caves and hot springs form the centre of the wellness therapies.

They have natural hot springs with temperatures ranging between 40- 70 degrees. At the edges of this lake they have the Geothermal dipping pots that enables you to take a dip and enjoy the hot/ warm spring water. If you find the water too hot, you can just switch on the cold water tap and adjust the water temperature to your liking.

Geo-thermal dipping pots at the Banjara Hotspring Retreat

Meditation Cave

The Meditation Cave within the grounds of the Retreat is a marvel of nature and exquisitely preserved. With calming temperatures, the natural granite and limestone cave ensures complete relaxation. 

The Crystal cave is a smaller cave installed with natural as well as artificial amethyst and quartz crystals that facilitate metaphysical healing. The cave has some cushions laid on the ground with a calm ambience around it.

The next is the Thermal Steam Cave that serves as a natural sauna. This place has a platform setup up overlooking the hot springs. Temperatures are really high in here at about 60 to 70 degrees and one of the most loved places by guests.

Therma Steam Cave  at the Banjara Hotspring Retreat

Therma Steam Cave at the Banjara Hotspring Retreat

Another extreme way is to step foot into the Ice bath. To be done immediately after being in the steam cave, this experience is very unique.  

Next visit can be to the Doctor Fish Pool. This is exotic Garra Rufa fish bite off the dead skin cells while you can enjoy the tingling feeling on your feet.

Beyond the Natural Wellness Options.. 

The regulars exist as well…

They have a Jungle trail that takes you through the beautiful flora and fauna, cascading waterfalls and mysterious caves. It’s a nice walk to loosen up your body.

They have a well- equipped Fitness Centre for people who do not wish to break out of their Gym schedule. They also have a free form swimming pool within the retreat.

They have a fully equipped Spa with Ayurvedic as well as Western Massages. They also have some Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments and Malay Massages.


Dining …

The Pomelo restaurant with thatched roof and open walls is serene. It is set amidst the limestone hills with a beautiful view as you dine. In tune with the retreat’s philosophy, the food served here is healthy. So if you are looking for a complete de-tox, this is the place to be. They use only organic fruits, vegetables and grains in all the food they cook.

The Jeff’s Cellar is the most unique wine bar in the world. Entrance through a tunnel, set within a limestone cave, this place is hard to imagine.

Jeff's Cellar  at the Banjara Hotspring Retreat

Jeff's Cellar at the Banjara Hotspring Retreat

Dinner at The Pomelo, followed by a nightcap in Jeff’s Cellar can only be described as an unforgettably mesmerizing evening.

If you are looking for a Wellness vacation and wish to unwind away from the Urban rush, this is one of the best locations to visit.

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