Go Caribou Experience: Get a taste of Rajasthani Hospitality

Situated between the two internationally famous wildlife reserves of Keoladeo Ghana Bird Sanctuary in Bharatpur and Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve in Sawai Madhopur is Ramathra Fort. In fact, another wilderness area, Kailadevi National Park is just 15 km away. This Rajasthani heritage Fort Resort thus seems like an ideal place to enjoy the Rajasthani hospitality in a forest environment. And need we remind you that Rajasthanis are known for their generous hospitality!

Beautiful Ramathra Fort

Beautiful Ramathra Fort

Inside Ramathra Fort

Ramathra is part of a green farming belt in the Kalisil River Valley. It is this closeness to nature that adds to the charm of this wonderful holiday destination.

The Fort is quite beautifully built with the walls crowned with parapets. Efforts are to restore the heritage structure of the old buildings and the multi-storey palace situated inside the fort is being restored using traditional building techniques and local craftspeople.

The traditional architecture of the Fort

The traditional architecture of the Fort

One can sit on the top of the fort’s massive outer wall and look out over farmland, rugged scrub of the Daang plateau, Kalisil Lake and its irrigation canal. Proximity to Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary implies abundant birdwatching at Ramathra near the lake. You would love the sight of water birds like spot ducks, storks, cormorants, kingfishers, sarus cranes, stilts and herons here. Another breathtaking sight is the beautiful sunrise over the lake.


Luxury Tents at night

Luxury Tents at night

Accommodation at Ramathra includes 6 Suites and 6 Luxury Tents.

The suites have a private terrace provides a grand view of the landscape and its magnificent sunsets. The use of Karauli stone and traditional construction practices bestows an authentic and sophisticated ethnicity to these new spaces. The luxurious tents with high class facilities are set against the fort's rampart walls surrounding a lush courtyard lawn.

These are so built as to let you enjoy absolute comfort on your stay here.


Outdoor Dining Area

Outdoor Dining Area

Ramathra gives you the option of spending as much time and doing as many things as you want. You may just laze around in the fort admiring the natural beauty around it or go on an exploration ride to all the sightseeing spots. A private candle light dinner arranged on one of the towers of the fort is sure to bring out the romantic in you.

Visiting nearby villages

You get the opportunity to visit nearby villages and get a feel of rural lifestyle. An interesting point to note is that Ramathra employs many nearby villagers thereby providing them means to earn a living. A complete walking tour of the Ramathra village, a small hamlet of farmers and herders, takes about 3 hours. You see all kinds of work associated with tending crops and animals, and caring for children. Post sun set, you can enjoy Bhajan-singing and other community activities.

Jeep Safaris

Jeep safaris from Ramathra Fort take you across the Daang through its badlands to several spectacular places that are best explored on foot. Destinations include Utgir Fort at the rim of the Chambal River valley, cave temples of Ghanteshvar and Kurka, and the Chuaki gorge. On your way, you will meet villagers and see their homes. You can spot them tending to small plots in the fertile valley or herding cattle on the Daang scrub.


A boat ride on a two or three seater boat is available for rent for you to go bird watching with or without a guide. Yu may spot crocodiles too on this ride.

When to visit

An ideal time to visit Ramathra Fort is between the months of July and March. Post March it will be too hot for you to enjoy everything that the resort has to offer.

Accessibility and distances

Ramathra Fort is accessible from the cities of Delhi, Jaipur and Agra as given below:

  • Delhi is located at a distance of around 350 km from the resort and you will take five and a half hours to reach.
  • Agra is located at a distance of around 200 km from the resort and you will take three and a half hours to reach.
  • Jaipur is located at a distance of around 170 km from the resort and you will take three hours to reach.

Kindly note that the road leading to Ramathra could be very dusty and bumpy. However, the experience of staying here is worth every little issue faced by you in reaching the place.

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