A Paradise- Spain!

Spain, a land with diverse landscapes stirring up one’s soul. This country being vibrant and explosive on the outside beneath lays a nation that’s erupting with history, heritage and culture. The characteristic architecture speaks a lot about the rich history. The Catedral de Toledo is testimonies of their colorful religious past. Wild, passionate, sophisticated and charming all at once, it’s got character and stylish flair, devoted to living the good life. If you are a person who likes culture or an outdoor enthusiast or a beach person you will always end up being surprised with Spain since it’s a one stop destination for outdoors, culture and urban living. Though not being a big country yet it’s packed with iconic architecture, dramatic olive country landscapes and gorgeous coastlines.

Cities like Barcelona, Granada and San Sebastian are ideal places for you to climb a mountain in the morning, sunbathe on the beach in the afternoon and partying in the city by night. The energetic flamenco dance and controversial bullfights have gained much fame for the country all around the world. Genuine caves in Seville or the gypsy quarters of Granada are the places where one can find an authentic flamenco dance familiarizing you with the Spanish culture. The unique summer festivals are colorful, thrilling and are unlike no other. The La Tomatina in Buñol is Spain’s biggest food fight that gets participants down and dirty in a messy tomato fight.

Spain is blessed with the best beaches in the world. Either the crowded Costa del Sol coastline or remote beaches in the Canary Islands, there’s a beach for everyone. The beaches have been drawing in tourists for decades making it the most popular sun and sand destination.

There’s a lot for the outdoor lovers as well, where they can enjoy the lush nature and rugged mountains. Climbers can challenge themselves to the highest peak on mainland Spain, Mulhacen (3482m) that falls in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Here one will even find world-class ski resorts all over Spain with popular ones in the Pyrenees and Sierra Nevad. Nightlife in Spain is the best thing that could happen for the party lovers. The people in Spain party like there’s no tomorrow.  People here are even obsessed with food and wine and with good reasons. All this makes this country a beautiful paradise.