5 Tips to Plan Your Last Minute Vacation !

1. Keep it flexible:

Last minute deals come up when hotels want to increase occupancy for their hotels and flights. So keep your schedule flexible. Be ready to take early morning or late night flights to cut on costs.  Also, be ready to travel on week days to save on hotel and flight costs. Most hotels in vacation spots have lower rates for the weekdays.

2. Look for offbeat or offseason places:

Image Credit: wwww.bahamas-now.com

Image Credit: wwww.bahamas-now.com

The regular and in-season places are going to be full and no hotel is going to be interested in passing on any discounts. Look for off-beat and unexplored places. Look for different concepts like adventure camps, rural travel, etc. The other option is to look at places where the off-season has kicked in and you can do different things there- a rainy vacation in Rishikesh to enjoy the greenery, skiing in Kashmir or the rainy season in the Thailand Islands.

3. Take assistance from a Travel expert:

A travel expert is in regular touch with all destinations and hotels. They are well aware of the offers a particular destination or hotel has to provide. With the little amount of time you have and with your regular work schedules it gets difficult to sit and start your research from scratch. In such a scenario, it is best to provide your requirements and hand over the responsibility to plan your trip to the experts.

4. Visa- on- arrival destinations:

A last minute vacation does not mean selecting only domestic destinations. However, considering this is a last minute vacation, it obviously does not give you enough time to apply for a Visa. There are a wide range of countries that offer Visa-on-arrival. A quick trip to Thailand, Maldives, Cambodia or Indonesia can be some good travel options.

5. Prepare a Checklist:

With last minute travel we tend to forget some of the obvious things like asking the milk man to not leave behind milk at your doorstep for your period of travel or asking your neighbor to water your plants, etc. Prepare a quick check list of the necessary things to be done before leaving and also the necessary things to be packed. Tick these off before you leave.