The hill station with rich heritage!


Mount Abu in Rajasthan is not only a hill station with beauty that spells splendour but also a town with character and rich heritage. The picturesque Dilwara Jain Temples offer a serene atmosphere. The architecture is breath taking to say the least. Carved in white marble in filigree work and detailed illustrations on pillars and ceilings are worth a dekho! These temples are known the world over for their human craftsmanship and some experts consider it superior to the Taj Mahal!

All this was done at a time when there was no transport or roads at a height of 1200+ meters in Mt Abu! It is an exlempry structure that has witnessed human endeavour, perseverance and fortitude like no other!

At Mt Abu your stay can be made extraordinary in Bikaner Palace. What was a real time palace in yesteryears and served as the summer residence in the mountains for royal families is now open to tourists to enjoy their stay in what is now a classified “Heritage Hotel”. Enjoy a game of tennis in the open lawns and architecture that spells royalty at every step. Not to forget the delicious spread of Rajasthani cuisine churned out by the chefs who have gained their culinary skills from their forefathers who served the royal family themselves! Come to Mt Abu and experience the natural beauty of a hill station with a rich history!