Camp luxuriously across the Kanha National Park!

Courtesy: Banjaar Tola

Courtesy: Banjaar Tola

Beautifully located on the banks of Banjaar river and peacefully overlooking the Kanha National Park on the other side of the river bank in the Central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh stands the Banjaar Tola, a Taj Safari lodge.

Kanha National Park is one of India’s largest and most vibrant national parks and is one of nine reserves under Project Tiger, launched to save the endangered species.

The luxurious, ensuite tents there have been designed in a contemporary style, with pressed bamboo wall panels, gorgeous bamboo floors and locally crafted furniture carved out from the timber of exotic Indian trees. With two elegant camps containing nine tented suites, each featuring its own intimate private deck overlooking the river makes the entire experience enticing.

You are taken for a morning safari that lasts for 04-05 hours and an evening safari which is slight shorter at about 03 hours.

The National Park consists of herds of animals, where approximately 22 animal species are regularly spotted, including the more unique species such as the three-striped palm squirrel, common langur, jackal, wild pig and black buck. Kanha is also home to the highly endangered deer, the barasingha, as well as sambar, chital and gaur. Striped hyena, leopard, mouse deer, porcupine, chinkara and ant-eating pangolin also reside here. The birdlife in the park is mind boggling with 200 resident and migratory species.

Taj Safari lodges also have their luxury spread across in Bandhavgarh, Pench and Panna.

So step out this Valentine to go on a wildlife hunt and watch some of the rarest species of trees, birds and animals!

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