Oh! Calcutta!

Iimage credit: pbase.com

Iimage credit: pbase.com

Located on the east bank of the Hooghly river, Calcutta churns up vivid, dramatic images of the sunset by the all glorious Howrah bridge. Being the former capital of British India, Kolkata exhibits magnificent colonial architecture a fine example of which is the picturesque Victoria Memorial built meticulously of white marble domes. Having a rich and ethnically diverse cultural history, it is hardly surprising that many Indian Nobel Laureates have risen from this city. Kolkata has established local traditions in literature, theatre, drama and various other art forms that have gained wide audiences.

Visit Kumartuli - the all colorful district named after kumars (sculptors) who create giant puja effigies of the gods. Walk along the lanes of this quaint town adorned with workshops having craftsmen working away with all their vision and astuteness. Take a ferry across the Ganges from Belur Math and arrive at the Dakshineshwar Kali Temple built way back in 1847 and enjoy the divine experience. And a trip to Calcutta is a must for the foodie in you.

Savour lip-smackingly delicious and authentic Bengali cuisine at Bhojohari Manna - a modest yet fantastic eatery. Being a hotpot of multi-ethnic and multi-religious demographics the cuisine of Bengal has evolved over the years taking influence from the Nawabs, Christians, Chinese (!!) and Hindus alike. And what you have in the end is an amalgamation of cuisines resulting in savories like Dhaka Kachchi (a biryani served only in Calcutta/West Bengal) and dishes made of whole roast duck and chicken that can be relished only here!

Plan your next trip to Calcutta and soak in an experience that needs to be actually lived to be re-told.