The city along the Brahmaputra- Guwahati

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Guwahati, one of the biggest cities in the north east, is surrounded by scenic hills and spread along the mighty Brahmaputra. It's lush and pristine surroundings and rich flora and fauna have mad it a paradise for domestic and international travellers.

Travellers are Lured by city's historical sites as much as its natural beauty.  Also known as the city of temples, Guwahati houses many ancient temples like Navagraha, Sukreshwar, Lankeshwar, Doul Govinda, Kamakhya, Umananda, etc.

The Kamakhya temple situated atop Nilachal hill, is the highest spot in the city. Known for its unique, beehive architecture and sculptures of Hindu Gods and Goddess, this temple is popular for celebrations of the Ambubachi festival held in June and July.

Another temple which should not be missed is the Umananda temple where one needs to take a boat to the Umananda island also referred to as Peacock island. Navagraha temple, also known as temple of nine planets, is situated on the Chitrachal hill. The temple still remains a centre of astrological and astronomical research. The archaeological site of Madan Kamdev is an architectural marvel in itself. Ruins of temples and Statues and sculptures of Gods and Goddess can be viewed here.

The Assam state museum that showcases sculptures and tribal artifacts and the Gandhi Mandap museum dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi can be visited during your stay.

Located 65 kms away from the city, at the foot of Garo hills surrounded by Assam and Mehalaya is an earthquake born Chandubi Lake

The crafts village of Shilpagram is a must visit to vintners the crafts and culture of Assam. They have cultural events through the year in their open air auditorium. A trip to Guwahati is incomplete without visiting the Assam state zoo and Botanical garden. Here one could get a good look at the famed one- horned rhinoceros.

The best time visit Guwahati is between March and November with a comfortable temperature of 20 degrees. You can combine your trip with the UNESCO World Heritage site of Kaziranga National Park. It is also a connecting point for the state of Meghalaya.