Kanha- The Jewel in the Heart of India

Image Credit: Indialine

Image Credit: Indialine

One of the brightest and most dazzling jewels, the Tiger, adorns the wild wonders of India. Kanha national park without fail takes your breath away every time you visit it.

Spotting a tiger in the park is not uncommon but seeing and photographing it from an Elephants back is a memorable experience.

The tiger may be the flagship resident of Kanha, but it is not the most crucial. The most important animal is the Barasingha, found only in Kanha and no where else in the world. Only a few 100 of them survive today and utmost care is being taken to ensure that the breed is not wiped out. Bisons can be found in plenty in Kanha. Besides these if you are a passionate birdwatcher, you will find several different species of birds here with the tally being close to 300.

Kanha, Mukki , Kisli and Sahri are the 04 Jungle zones with Kanha being the Premium zone. The grassland of Bamni Dadar also known as the sunset point is the highest point in Kanha famous for its stunning views.

The Brief of the  Tiger show that takes place in Kanha- early morning everyday a group of trained elephants spread out on a pre-decided patch of the jungle. Armed with Walkie-talkies, the Mahouts move around with its just one objective- locate the tiger. Once the tiger is located, theInterpretaion centre is informed of the same. The tourist can then have an assured view of the tiger. You can also ride on the Elephant with the mahouts.

The park is closed from July to Mid- October during monsoon.

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