Extreme Greece- An Adventure destination for 2014

Ever thought Greece could be a destination meant for Adventure. Oh Yes it is! Discover the extreme adventure in the country.

Image Credit: www.hotelelies.gr

Image Credit: www.hotelelies.gr


Greece is filled with mountain climbing routes. Climbing Olympus is an exciting activity, for those wanting to climb the highest and most spectacular mountain in Greece.  Climbing the rocks of Meteora is the ultimate climbing challenge for an experienced climber. The diversity of beaches, limestone crags and mild climate make Kalymnos an ideal place for climbing as well. Kalymos is said to have the highest concentration of sports routes in the world. Other than these there are also other locations like Vardousia, Mount Timfi and a lot more


Rafting is a popular activity in the region of Zagori: it provides visitors with plenty of routes, amazing experiences, and stunning landscape views. 3 hours from Athens, you can visit the region of Tzoumerka, where the Aracthos river flows with routes graded from 3 to 5. Another famous destination is in the Mountainous Nafpaktia region where River  Evinos flows giving rise to Grade 2 rapids. Other than these, there are other areas like Εvritania, Arcadia, etc.


Several mountainous pathways give you the opportunity to walk through places of unique beauty and enjoy the view of the Aegean sea and surrounding islands. The best routes are the ones marked in the E4 and E6 European long distance paths. The best time to trek on the E4 path is May to October. Trekking Samaria gorge in Crete is a unique and fascinating experience for beginners and expert hikers. There are several trekking paths all over the country right from rivers to mountains.


Every Scuba Dive destination island in Greece is renowned for its unique cultural and architectural character with underwater treasures to be explored. To mention a few diving destinations- Mykonos, Santorini,  Naxos, Corfu, Crete. At each of these places you will have various diving spots.

Other than the above, you also come across windsurfing, parasailing and some mountain biking in various parts of Greece.