Brazil - Adventure Destination in 2014!

This week we will see top 4 adventure travel destination to travel in 2014. So adventure ehnthusiastics, this week it’s going to be a fun week. The first country in the list is:


Brazil: This country is South America’s emerging Mecca of adventure. So gear up for outdoor fun on this action-packed tour through boisterous Brazil in 2014. This active adventure takes place on the Green Coast, south of Rio de Janeiro, one of the most strikingly beautiful coastlines in Brazil and home to the Caiçaras fishing villages. The things to do here is hit the streets of Rio de Janeiro before indulging in a Brazilian BBQ dinner in Ipanema. Going hiking through rainforest along the Green Coast with overnights at local homes in remote fishing villages. Then kayak among mangroves in Mamanguá Tropical Fjord and between beaches and islands in beautiful bays around Paraty.