Check in with Go Caribou!

Why Go Caribou?

Caribou is an Arctic deer species that hails from North America, also known as the reindeer. It is the farthest migrating in its species which customizes its migration route based on climatic changes and priorities to make its travel comfortable.

But why are we named after that ? Well, that’s what we do ! We provide customized travel services for each client – based on their moods and requirements.

Now, anyone who goes to such lengths to just name their company has got to be different from the crowd. And at Go Caribou, we strive constantly to be different !

Yes, of course we do everything that a travel planner must do, but we also go the extra mile and provide you with the conveniences that others don’t.
Our work doesn’t end at planning your itinerary and booking your tickets. That is only the beginning. We treat YOUR JOURNEY as OUR JOY !

We commit to being with you throughout your trip. You can reach us at anytime during your travel in case of emergencies, changes in itineraries and any other on-the-field help that you need. We make your trip comfortable and totally hassle free.

With local partners at every location, we overcome the time-zone difficulties and don’t let the sun set on Go Caribou !

So, be it couples on leisure trips, families on pleasure trips, businessmen on corporate trips, our services span the whole bouquet of offerings – from luxury to adventure, from commercial shopping hubs to unexplored locations, from leisure travel to official trips, from sinful gourmet experiences to culture trips that rejuvenate your soul.

If your trip is a flight and your worries are your luggage, then Go Caribou is the check-in counter ! So come, Check-in with Go Caribou !